The Boat with "No Name" Reigned While the Skies Did Not

The weather predictions were for a no-wind-washout, and a healthy ebb tide due to a lot of rain water running down the bay.  Luckily for the eleven 105's on the line in the 2018 Leukemia Cup, the only correct prediction was the current, as the racers enjoyed a light but steady 5-7 kt northerly breeze, very flat water and no rain.  The RC set the windward mark just south of Tolly Point completing two, 4-leg races (3.2nm and 2.4nm respectively). 

Given the light air and what seemed to be a 1.5-2.0 kt ebb current by the end of the 2nd race, going left upwind behind Tolly Pt and going left downwind into the meat of the current paid off for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place boats.  The current at the windward mark proved  a real bear for many boats to round - requiring multiple tacks near the mark to compensate for underestimating the current strength.  In the 2nd race, a delayed 105 start complicated mark roundings further with 105's and J/35's turning on top of each other.  

The 3 leaders lined-up in order in both races following each other in the final legs of both races with John White's "No Name" scoring 1-1, Ben DuPont's "CTL-ALT-DEL" scoring 2-2, and Angelo Guarino's "Crescendo" scoring 3-3.

Dennis McCloud